These are some of our success stories:


Presépio ao Vivo de Priscos: The Largest Living Nativity Scene In Europe (100,000 visitors/year)

JOAO TORRES_00269.jpeg

Senhor Padre João Torres

A Moe's Consulting mudou as métricas do Presépio ao Vivo de Priscos, no mundo digital. Com a aquisição dos serviços e profissionalismo do Moe aumentaram o reconhecimento e reputação do nosso evento,  aumentou o tráfego no site e aumentou o número de visitas a nível nacional e internacional, nomeadamente do mercado espanhol. Esta empresa ajudou a posicionar a nossa marca no meio digital e a impactar o resultado financeiro. Estou muito satisfeito. Recomendo os serviços desta empresa para quem quer deixar o passado e abraçar o futuro...

EN: “Moe's Consulting has changed the metrics of the Priscos Living Crib in the digital world. With the acquisition of Moe's services and professionalism, the recognition and reputation of our event has increased, the traffic to the site has increased and the number of visits has also multiplied both nationally and internationally, namely in the Spanish market. This company helped to position our brand in the digital environment and to impact the financial result. I am very pleased. I recommend the services of this company to those who want to leave the past and embrace the future...” Sir Priest João Torres


Settle Abroad: Personalised Services For Relocating To Portugal


Marta Costa

Moe's Consulting has materialised my long lasting passion of being my own boss. I have always had an idea of offering services to foreigners coming to Portugal but not specifically tourism. Moe put everything on paper and incredibly helped me to define the business, brand it meaningfully, package the services and price them accordingly. He visualised the website and assisted along the way to launch the service. I strongly recommend his services to anyone looking for a professional and objective-oriented expert!


Kimia Casa - Porto: Serviced Accommodation In Porto

Kimia Casa Porto.jpg

Raquel Oliveira

Moe's Consulting helped me achieve my dream in establishing a service apartment in the heart of Porto, Portugal. Moe is a visionary person and he knows the complication of launching a new business. Through a professional approach, he led the process of converting my business idea into a reality and walked me through the marketing strategies to generate new leads. I suggest his services to everyone.


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