Marketers & Farmers

What do marketers need to learn from farmers?

Let’s explore this unique virtue!

Marketers are like farmers. They need to have the virtue of patience. You need to sow the right seed to harvest the correct result. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Earl Nightingale said: “don’t expect the pear tree to bear apple, you can hang apples on a pear tree, but it won’t help.” Have the patience of a farmer who plants the corps in springtime and harvest in autumn. You cannot push the corps to grow faster than they are supposed to even if you water them several times or expose them to extreme sunlight. Unless you grow a seed in a lab, you can’t harvest the corps sooner than the natural timing. In other words, sow the right seed and be patient in what you do.

Simply put, select an area of marketing services that you have mastery, nurture the process and prospects, be consistent in your brand’s message, and persistent in your service delivery to reap the benefits in abundance.