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What we do

Our services cover the four main stages of a business lifecycle and its challenges:

  1. Seed and Development

  2. Startup

  3. Growth and Establishment

  4. Expansion


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Seed & Development Stage

  1. Ideation – what problem of the market are you solving?

  2. Business idea profitability - does your idea really make money?

  3. Market acceptance - is the market ready to embrace such a product or service?

  4. Establishing business structure - how are you going to define your business and its structure?


Startup Stage

  1. Defining the product and service – what products and services are you offering?

  2. Defining the USP - what makes you unique in the market?

  3. Pricing and packaging - what is your pricing strategy and how do you bundle your product and service?

  4. Brand name - what brand name can represent you best and what brand values and promises are you making to the customers?

  5. Logo and website - how do you visualise your brand into a logo and how do you want to present yourself to the world?


Growth & Establishment Stage

  1. Content curation – what information are you providing to your target market to capture their attention?

  2. Social media strategy - how do you present your business on social media platforms and use them in your favour?

  3. Go to market strategy - how do you use your core competency to go to the present or new market in the most effective way?

  4. Lead generation - what medium, strategy and technology do you use to generate leads and acquire customers?

  5. Positioning in the market – how do you successfully position your business in the market to be unique and recognised?


Expansion Stage

  1. Capture a larger market share - what are your strategies to expand the existing business and generate sizeable revenue?

  2. Social influencers - how can you reach a wider audience and affect their purchasing behaviour and consumption patterns?

  3. Adding new product or service - how can you introduce a new product and service or bundle them as a new offering?

  4. Going international – what is required to enter a new market, gain credibility and build another success story?


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Moe Bagheri  |  Founder


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